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"She’s not just someone’s wife, daughter, or mother. She’s someone."

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babysitting this fucking asshole

how did that hedgehog learn how to type

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Tumblr is the place losers can come to be the bullies they’ve always wanted to be

this is so accurate i want to punch everyone in the face

and gets called “social justice.”

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I hope you fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking you’re unwanted.

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this is very important

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fun fact one time robert pattinson was supposed to get punk’d at the bar where my cousin works and they got all the employees in on it and everything but when it came time to punk him his friends couldn’t get him to leave his house and that’s when I knew I loved robert pattinson

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"Do you consider yourself a feminist?"
“I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life.”

- Taylor Swift 2012

"As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means."

- Taylor Swift 2014

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fucking thank you


fucking thank you

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shut the fuck up hermione you fucking nerd.

if you had spent hours and hours studying and stressing over exams you thought failing would cost you a new world full of opportunities and friends just to find them CANCELLED, you’d be upset too

It’s not even the work that’s sunk into them. Do you know how heavily final exams are weighted in course grades? And in every class, there are plenty of people who are just below the threshold of a passing grade, who’ve been studying like crazy because getting a good grade on the final will bring their average out of the “failing” range.

If you cancel the final exam, it’s not a perfect score for all students. It just means that all grades are finalized without factoring the final exam score in.

Now, Hermione might be upset because she sunk a lot of work into exams, or because she wants a chance to demonstrate her proficiency, but the fact is that it’s irresponsible and unfair to cancel a final exam on such short notice. For many students, it is one less thing to worry about at the end of the year, but for a lot of others, it means their last chance at a passing grade has been taken away from them.

This is why most teachers who want to cancel a final either give an automatic 100% to all students or make the exam optional, so students can choose whether they’re happy with their grade as-is, or want to take their last chance to make up a few percentage points.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hogwarts is not a super well-run school.

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Nicki Minaj is actually one of my favorite people.

I watched like 5 minutes of American Idol, and this kid was….not so good. While everyone else was laughing at him, she comforted him, told him to come to the desk and held his hand as she told him that even though singing might not be his forte, he could do so much because he’s young and full of life. And has a lot of guts going on the show. Then she gave him a hug.

Seriously I don’t understand how people hate her????

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Shut’em down

Forever the best answer.

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  • Chocolate: Raw nuts/seeds.
  • Oily/Fatty Snacks: Kale, leafy greens.
  • Soda/Carbonated Drinks: Actual, literal bubbles.
  • Chips/Salty Food: Topsoil.
  • Cookies: Freudian psychology.
  • Sweet Tea: A strong Southern gentleman to take care of you.
  • Pasta/Carbs: Pasta/Carbs.
  • Ice: The sweet release of death.
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it’s not a sunday unless you completely waste it then feel really sad around 8pm

How is it possible that this is the second week in a row that I’ve seen this and felt that it was entirely too accurate?

…my life is a mess.

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Figured tumblr might like to see this.

"You start where you can make a difference."


Figured tumblr might like to see this.

"You start where you can make a difference."

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